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Posted: January 23rd, 2023


Week 3 Assignment – Chapter 3 In-Depth Activity

Complete the In-Depth Activity at the end of Chapter 3 (page 96 in the VitalSource book). For your submission:

  • Create a Word document.
  • Copy each of the six questions from the end of the activity into  your document and write your response to each question below it.
  • Show in your responses that you understand the subject matter

    In-Depth Activity


    The aim of this in-depth activity is for you to think about the appropriateness of different kinds of conceptual models that have been designed for similar physical and digital information artifacts.


    Compare the following:


    A paperback book and an ebook

    A paper-based map and a smartphone map app


    1.What are the main concepts and metaphors that have been used for each? (Think about the way time is conceptualized for each of them.)

    2.How do they differ?

    3. What aspects of the paper-based artifact have informed the digital app?

    4.What is the new functionality?

    5.Are any aspects of the conceptual model confusing? What are the pros and cons?


    An In-depth activity in Information Systems (IS) refers to a detailed examination or analysis of a specific aspect of an IS system, process, or technology. This type of activity is usually performed as part of a larger project or study, and is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Examples of in-depth activities in IS could include:

    • Conducting a requirements analysis to identify the specific needs of users and stakeholders in an IS system.
    • Conducting a detailed analysis of a specific IS system, such as a database or software application, to understand its capabilities and limitations.
    • Performing a security audit of an IS system to identify and address vulnerabilities.
    • Conducting a feasibility study to determine whether a proposed IS system or project is viable and cost-effective.
    • Examining the impact of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, on IS systems and processes.

    In-depth activities typically involve extensive research, data gathering, and analysis, and may require specialized skills or expertise. The results of an in-depth activity can be used to inform decisions about IS systems, projects, and strategies.

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