Social Work and Evidence-Based (EBP) Practice|Essay pro

Posted: January 23rd, 2023

Social Work practitioners can no longer rely on their desire to help as the major criterion for the effectiveness of their interventions. It is imperative that we are able to demonstrate that our interventions are effective for a particular problem and person. One of the ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a given theory or model of intervention is to evaluate its use with various types of clients, e.g. children, adolescents, adults, the aged, et. al. in order to alleviate specific problems. Take one of the theories being studied throughout the program, and find some of the research that studies the effectiveness of using this theory with a particular problem or child welfare population.

Topic: Is Multisystematic therapy (theory) effective in treating victims of child maltreatment (particular problem or child welfare population)? 

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This assignment does not require a complete review of all the studies that have been conducted on a specific theory (or one of its concepts) but rather asks that you find several studies, summarize these, and then make some evaluative comments based on your reading of the literature. (a study’s methodology and findings are important aspects to consider). You may find that there is little data to support a claim of effectiveness or not. That is fine as long as you can support your conclusion. You will need to search not just the social work literature but the psychology, counseling, and psychiatry literature as well. I suggest using the databases of psyc info, med line, and social work research and abstracts for a start.

Since EBP requires the integration of research evidence, clinical expertise, and a client’s values and circumstances, please comment on these aspects of EBP and how they fit or do not fit with the empirical studies you have reviewed. A minimum of 6 peer-reviewed references are required (outside of course material).


Social work is a profession that seeks to improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through the application of knowledge and skills to address social problems and promote social justice. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a approach to decision making in social work that emphasizes the use of the best available evidence to inform practice, rather than relying solely on tradition, intuition, or personal experience. EBP involves the use of research evidence, clinical expertise, and client preferences and values to guide practice decisions. The goal of EBP is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of social work interventions, and ultimately to improve outcomes for clients.

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