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Posted: January 28th, 2023

You are an HR manager, what if your organization has been successful on a major project in which not only full-time employees but temporary workers from a temporary agency have contributed, and Henry Simms, the Plant Manager wants to reward everyone who worked on the project alike? The project consisted of several strong contributors that did the majority of the work. As the HR Manager, are there important employment considerations you need to discuss with him? Is this a wise decision? How would you recommend this be handled? Would this establish a precedence?

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As an HR manager, I would recommend discussing the situation with the Plant Manager and discussing the best course of action to reward all employees who contributed to the project. One option could be to provide bonuses or other financial incentives to all full-time employees and temporary workers who worked on the project.

Another option could be to provide additional training or development opportunities to all employees, regardless of their employment status. It’s important to consider fairness and equity when making decisions about rewards and recognition, and to communicate the rationale behind any decisions to all employees.

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