Describe trait leadership, functional leadership and Path-Goal situational leadership|Course hero helper

Posted: January 28th, 2023

Select a famous manager.

2. Then do extensive manager on this research.

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3. Write a description of history you discovered in your research being sure to document.

4. Describe trait leadership, functional leadership and Path-Goal situational leadership.

5. Apply each of those theories to the manager.

6. Explain which theory most accurately described the manager you were analyzing based on the applied to the manager based on the information that you had.

7. which theory was most difficult to apply and why?

5-6 pages. 5-7 academic source.



Trait leadership theory suggests that certain innate characteristics and personality traits make some individuals better suited to leadership roles. Examples of traits commonly associated with effective leaders include intelligence, ambition, self-confidence, and sociability.

Functional leadership theory focuses on the specific actions and behaviors that leaders engage in to achieve goals and manage their followers. This theory emphasizes the importance of matching leadership style to the specific task and situation at hand, and suggests that different situations may call for different leadership approaches.

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