Explain how art contributes to problem solving skills and idea creation in personal and professional experience|Legit essays

Posted: January 28th, 2023

Deliverable 5 – Multicultural Art Presentation

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Explain how art contributes to problem solving skills and idea creation in personal and professional experience.


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Your company is one of several that hopes to land an international contract with MagnifiCo, a large corporation overseas. You have recently learned that Company X, who is competing for the same overseas contract, has received some negative publicity for their lack of cultural literacy among employees. An embarrassing video has gone viral showing an American employee from Company X awkwardly fumbling through a business dinner with foreign associates. First, he insulted the lack of air conditioning in the foreign restaurant, then he nervously laughed in the middle of their prayer, and finally he nearly spit out the dinner dish he was served! The business deal was doomed.


When you watched the video, you almost took pity on this American businessman clearly so out of his element. But then, you noticed in the background of the video that the entire dinner was taking place in a beautiful building; there was gothic vaulting on the ceiling, finely detailed mosaic tile on the floor, and intricate fresco painting on the wall next to their table.


There was classical music playing in the background— perhaps Baroque? If the American had noticed any of these things, he could have asked his dinner companions about them. If he had learned a little about this country’s culture, he could have even made intelligent conversation about his surroundings and possibly impressed and connected with his colleagues instead of insulting them with awkward behavior.



You are tasked creating a learning presentation for your colleagues on multicultural art relating to MagnifiCo’s geographic location(s) to be delivered at your next office meeting. You may choose the geographic location(s) for MagnifiCo.


NOTE – Depending on your choice(s), there may be more or less distinguishing information available. For example, if you choose a large distinct nation, you may find an abundance of information for all 15 of your slides. If you pick a small isolated culture, you may need to a second or third culture in order to have enough information for 15 slides.


Design a PowerPoint presentation containing:

· At least 15 slides, plus cover slide and reference slide.

· One to three different possible global locations where MagnifiCo does business.

· Include a minimum of 3 informative slides about each topic in the chosen location(s):

· well-known artists

· music

· architecture

· literature

· cultural customs



· PowerPoint! PowerPoint? I need to do a PPT presentation and I don’t know how! Help!

· Grammar Checking – How do I create a Grammarly account?

· Business writing

· World Cultures

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Art can contribute to problem solving skills and idea creation in several ways. Firstly, art can be a way to explore and express different perspectives and ideas, which can help to generate new and unique solutions to problems. Additionally, art can be a way to develop creativity, which is a key component of problem solving and idea generation.

Furthermore, art can also help to build critical thinking skills by encouraging people to analyze and interpret different forms of art and the message it is trying to convey. Finally, art can be used as a tool for communication and collaboration, which can be especially important in professional settings.

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