Forming Relationships with Families|Essay helper

Posted: January 28th, 2023

What are potential barriers to forming an effective relationship with families? What, if any, might be potential conflicts of interest?


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Forming Relationships with Families|Essay helper
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Potential barriers to forming an effective relationship with families can include:

  • Lack of trust or mistrust of the professional
  • Cultural or linguistic differences
  • Lack of understanding or communication about the family’s needs or goals
  • Different parenting styles or values
  • Past negative experiences with other professionals

Potential conflicts of interest can include:

  • Conflicting opinions or recommendations between the professional and the family
  • Conflicting loyalties or obligations to different parties (e.g. the professional may have a legal or ethical duty to report abuse or neglect, which may be at odds with the family’s wishes)
  • Financial conflicts of interest, such as accepting gifts or payments from the family or having a financial stake in a treatment or service being offered to the family
  • Conflicts of interest with other professionals or organizations involved with the family.

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