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Posted: January 28th, 2023

Organize your supporting evidence, Tattoo Writing Assignment 


(Don’t worry! This is not a quiz!)

Use this assignment to create a detailed outline of your exemplification paragraph about tattoos.  Use the supporting evidence that you pulled together in the previous discussion board.  We’re also going to tweak our topic sentence, add transitions, and put everything in order.


Journal #3

Journal #3 Prompt: 

How would you describe yourself to a stranger? 

(Part of learning about writing is beginning to think about description, specific details, and narration. See pages 80-86 for descriptive elements and 90-96 for narrative elements.) 

Don’t forget to use MLA format. Save and upload as a word document. 


Email Assignment

Using the template in “How to Write an Effective Email to Your Professor,” write an email (in a word document) to me, your instructor. In the email, you must include two purposes of ENGL099L. Then you may ask a question about the course that is not in the syllabus, or you could also ask for a favor, such as a due date extension.

Read all of the notes in “How to Write an Effective Email to Your Professor” and “10 Elements of an Effective, Non-Annoying Email” before you get started!

Once you write the email save it, hit submit under this assignment,  upload the assignment and make sure you get confirmation that it submitted. You will need to spend some time revising and editing to catch any little mistakes.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Outline for Customer Service Paragraph

Create an outline for the first paragraph you will write for the course. Remember that you are just giving me the ideas you are using in the order you want to place the details in outline form.  This should not be a full paragraph.

You need to include the topic sentence and then three sub-points (major details) you will use in the paper.

Customer Service Outline2.docx  Download Customer Service Outline2.docx

Remember you will take the details and create a full paragraph in the upcoming weeks.

First, decide on the customer service experience you would like to write about. Make sure to narrow it down to either a good or bad experience. Most experiences have both qualities, but for this assignment, you should focus on just good or bad experiences, not both.

Example: My dinner experience at Jillian’s Home Cooking was the worst customer service experience ever due to the servers, the atmosphere, and the cleanliness.

After choosing your topic sentence, remember to include the sub-points (major details) in list format.

Submitting the outline:

1. Make sure you have saved your document in Word format.  2. Click on the assignment link.  3. Click on the Browse button.  4. Select the file you want to send and double-click on the file name so that it appears in the Browse area.  5. Click on the Submit (NOT the Save) button and your file is on its way to your instructor.


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