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Global economic trends and events have real impacts on your daily life: a new technology increases the demand for workers in a certain field, a country’s economic growth affects the ability or willingness of employers to increase wages, or trade decisions between two countries cause prices of some everyday goods to fluctuate, for instance.

Such economic impacts require you to decide how to allocate resources and budget effectively, and to use critical-thinking strategies to navigate the world of finance and economics. Throughout the previous weeks of this course, you have learned foundational economic concepts, basic personal finance considerations, and problem-solving strategies. In this assignment, you will apply all of these to a budgeting scenario.

Your goal for this assignment is to use your problem-solving skills to articulate how economics have real impacts on families and their budgets. You will apply decision-making and critical-thinking strategies to explain how economics inform personal budget decisions.


Your assignment should incorporate research from the following resources and/or other Internet resources of your choice. One of these must come from the Capella library databases.

· Federal Student Aid. (2021).  Parents of students .

. FAFSA offers resources to help parents and students understand how aid is calculated, information on various loan types, and more. Explore the checklist for pre-college planning in particular.

· NerdWallet. (2021).

. This resource does the research for you: they have aggregated information on credit cards, personal loans, and student loans, making this a one-stop shop for you to compare financial products. Use to consider the impact of taking out a loan.

· Explore various financial calculators and other resources of your choice. Make sure each website is a credible source.

· Read the following scenario for context for this assignment as well as the Week 3 Assignment Template [DOCX]. The completed template will be your deliverable for this assignment. Make sure you are providing at least one paragraph of 4–7 sentences per section.

· Scenario

· Your child is starting a two-year culinary program at the community college this year and was awarded a small grant to cover some of the cost. You need to adjust your budget to help them with tuition and other expenses, as well as consider and project future economic trends. At the beginning of this year, the cost of housing rose, as there were more renters than rental units. Trade decisions have made some imported items more expensive than they were last year. The family’s income changed slightly, but because of these economic changes, you will need to modify the yearly budget. You must analyze spending in the prior year and the budget for this year. Your family might be unhappy with some of your decisions about where to spend less or more, so you must be prepared to explain your choices to them.


For this assignment, complete the following:

1. Describe how a relevant economic concept applies to a scenario.

. Review the scenario for at least one economic concept and describe how it applies to the scenario.

2. Summarize the change in expenditures between budgets.

. Review the two budgets in the  Week 3 Assignment Template [DOCX]. Prepare a summary of what did and did not change between the two budgets.

3. Describe the economic trends that created the need for a change in expenditures.

. Think about the economic trends that created the need for you to make the budget decisions that you did. Make connections to the economic concepts you have learned.

4. Provide a rationale for budget decisions made in response to economic changes.

. Explain the reasons for your choices to the family. Address all expenditures and discuss long-term effects of the changes you are making, as well as why you left any items unchanged.

5. Reflect on how changes in economic variables may affect your personal life and finances.

. Think about how changes in the economy have affected or are affecting your personal life and finances.

6. Address all components of the assignment prompt and use the assignment description to structure text.

. Review your assignment to ensure your written responses address all aspects of the template prompts and are well crafted.

Review your assignment to ensure that it meets all criteria before submitting the completed template to the assignment area.

Additional Requirements

· Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, respectful, and consistent with expectations for professional practice in education. Original work and critical thinking are required. Your writing must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

· Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.

· Sources: Two sources are required. One of these sources may be one of the course readings or videos; the second source must be obtained from the Capella library databases.



Economics can have a significant impact on an individual’s daily living. For example, economic policies such as inflation, interest rates, and unemployment rates can affect an individual’s purchasing power and financial stability. Economic growth can lead to an increase in job opportunities and higher wages, while a recession can lead to job loss and financial hardship.

Additionally, the cost of goods and services, as well as taxes, can also affect an individual’s daily living expenses. Overall, economics plays a major role in shaping an individual’s standard of living and overall quality of life

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