In which realm (intellectual, physical, or emotional) do you share intimacy most easily|Homework help

Posted: January 28th, 2023

This discussion is 100% based on the Content material covered in class and posted in Week 1-3.

Your Min Post: should be equivalent to a 2.5-3-page single-spaced paper (9-10 paragraphs with a minimum of 150 words per paragraph – it is OK to write more). Please follow the prompts below and number all you answers accordingly.

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It is due on Saturday by 11:59 pm

Responses to Students: 250 words per each response – total of 500 words minimum. It is 2 points and will be due on Monday by 11:59 pm.

Post your work directly in this Discussion (please no attachments or links)

New ruling in mahr case has ramifications for religious marriage ...The history of the wedding ring - Blog

Respond to all 10 prompts: (number each response)

  1. Describe and elaborate in detail on how change in economy throughout our history influenced the quality of peoples’ relationships. Please start with the stone age, elaborate on the development of agriculture and changes it brought, continue with the discovery of bronze and iron, into the  middle ages, industrialization, and all the way to the information revolutions of the current times. Be specific about changes that took place in each economic period.
  2.  Looking at this historic timeline, do you think we “progressed” today or “regressed” in comparison to how people built relationships in the past? Do we have anything to learn from the past? What is your definition of progress?
  3. Elaborate on the history of marriage, starting with  the ancient times and walking through the centuries into today’s time.  What is your opinion about the historic progression of the institution of marriage and factors that shaped and influenced it? Historically, what the institution of marriage is based on? What changed today?
  4. Describe 3-4 different types of marriages and express your opinion about them. In addition, please research and elaborate on one more type of marriage that was not covered in the week 1 content (e.g. Levirate marriage, Complementarian marriage ….).
  5. Summarize main findings of research conducted by the anthropologist Dr. Kinber McKay. What is your opinion about multiple types of marriages she found in Nepal and flexibility that is embedded in the definition of marriage in that country?
  6. What is your opinion on the restriction to monogamy as the only legal type of marriage in the US? Should the government determine what type of marriage is legal and forbid other types of unions that people may want to form with one another? Do you think in the US we have sufficient flexibility in our marital institution to accommodate everyone’s relational needs? What is your ideal model of marriage?
  7. What is your opinion about Merav Michaeli’s proposition to cancel marriage? What do you agree with (if anything) and disagree (give specific examples from her talk)?
  8. Given the stressful (if not traumatic) effects of divorce on families, maybe instead of “cancelling marriage,” couples should be encouraged to work out their differences and problems and be offered more education, skills, and continuous support on how to sustain their marriage? What is your suggestion on how to support relationships? What is your source of support in your relationships?
  9. Please review this article and in your own words describe and explain
  • what constitute marriage
  • what constitute family
  • what is the difference between the two and, based on the article, elaborate on why psychologists and sociologists are struggling with the definitions of both
  • what is your definition of marriage and family

10,  Based on the Lecture “Dimensions of Intimacy,” please reflect on the following questions (choose 3):

  • Is intimacy a goal for you?
  • Is it difficult for you to be intimate?
  • In which realm (intellectual, physical, or emotional) do you share intimacy most easily? Which realm is more difficult? Why?
  • Which people in your life do you find it easiest to be intimate with?
  • Is it easier for you to be intimate with men or women? If there is a difference, what do you think that difference is?


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Joints are the points at which bones meet and allow movement. There are three main types of joints: fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. Fibrous joints are immovable, cartilaginous joints are slightly movable, and synovial joints are freely movable. Synovial joints are the most common and include joints such as the hip, knee, and shoulder. These joints have a capsule that surrounds them and contains synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant to reduce friction during movement.

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