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Posted: January 28th, 2023

Directions: Visit the website for the company you have selected and obtain a copy of the annual report. Locate three to five additional resources that will provide data and information related to the brand story; the company vision, mission, and marketing objectives; and strategies and tactics the company is currently using to meet the marketing objectives. You will also use this information to complete a SWOT analysis. Apply your research findings when completing each item below.


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Company Name:


Brand Story: In 250 words, provide a thorough description of the company and brand. Reference and cite your research sources within the summary.



Company Vision:


Company Mission:


Company Marketing Objectives:


Company Marketing Strategies and Tactics: In 250 words, provide a high-level summary of the strategies and tactics the company is currently using to meet its marketing objectives. Include discussion about the market and consumer data that was used in formulating the strategies and tactics. Reference and cite your research sources within the summary.












SWOT Analysis: Using the data and information from your research, complete a SWOT analysis for the company. Reference and cite the topic materials for details on conducting SWOT analysis.



3 Strengths:

3 Weaknesses:

3 Opportunities:

3 Threats:



Citation of Sources: Provide APA citations for the company’s annual report and the other research sources utilized in completing the assignment.

Name of Source Citation Information



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