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Posted: January 28th, 2023



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– Please use APA (7th edition) formatting

– All questions and each part of the question should be answered in detail (Go into depth)

– Response to questions must demonstrate understanding and application of concepts covered in class,

– Use in-text citations and at LEAST 2 resources per discussion from the school materials that I provided to support all answers. Include at least 2 references and include in-text citations.

– Responses MUST be organized (Should be logical and easy to follow)



Minimum 1

Go to – read topics:

a. The Time Value of Money, Time Value of Money – Future Value and Present Value – How to calculate it (

b. Annuities, (

c. Perpetuities, perpetuity (

d. Future value of an uneven cashflow (

Discussion 1 – Time Value of Money

Read three articles in the links below about affinity credit cards and schools. After reading this,

· Do you think universities should enter into agreements to offer affinity credit cards to students? Why or why not? Discuss the ethics of these offerings.

Credit Cards and Campuses:

The Dirty Secret of Campus Credit Cards: The Dirty Secret of Campus Credit Cards

Read the article: Warren Buffet on Credit Card Debt

Also, find websites that calculate or explain NPV or any other Financial Concepts we have learned about.  What have you found?



The Time Value of Money (TVM) is a concept that states that money has a different value at different points in time, due to its potential to earn interest or be invested. In other words, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future, because the dollar received today can be invested and earn interest over time.

TVM is used in financial decisions such as investment and retirement planning, as well as in determining the present value and future value of cash flows.


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