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Posted: January 28th, 2023

Activity 1: Selecting a Job (see D2L Dropbox for deadline)

For this class, you will be applying aspects of I/O psychology. Activity 1 requires that you select a job that you will use to complete future activities in this course. You can select almost any job, with a few exceptions. Do not select a job in these areas:

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• Self-employed (e.g., therapists, or lawyers not part of a firm or organization), owner of business, or entrepreneur.

• High-level executive (e.g., CEO, Vice-President). A managerial or director-level job is okay as long as it is not from the highest level of management.

Choose a job or position that you are interested in researching and learning about. Make sure you are somewhat fond of the job because you will be using it during this course. It could be a job you’ve already had, or one you want to have someday. It could be one that a friend or family member has had, or one you simply want to explore. If you want, you can even choose your dream job. Assignment: Name the job you selected, and explain why you chose that job for our class activities. Describe the purpose of the job, and identify an example of an organization that may have that job. Finally, summarize the types of job analysis information you were able to find about the job (and be sure to cite your sources). How to search for job analysis information for this assignment: Use the Internet to find job descriptions and related job analysis information for the position you chose. One of your information sources should be O*NET; check the D2L Content section (go to the Job Analysis subsection) for links to videos showing you how to find and use O*NET.

You should also search for other internet sources that have job description and/or job analysis information about the job. (How much information that might produce varies depending on the job; if it doesn’t produce much for your job, then at least note the process you used to try and search for more sources.)

Additionally, if you know someone who has direct knowledge about the job, you can interview them about the job. If you have direct experience in that job, you can include your knowledge about the job. Follow up recommendation: Bookmark or save your resources and job-related notes. They may also be helpful for future activities. Summary of Basic Steps for the Assignment ü Check the D2L Dropbox for the assignment deadline. ü Check the Announcements on the D2L Homepage for format instructions. ü Answer all parts of the assignment (described above). ü Submit your completed assignment to the D2L Dropbox before the deadline.



Self-employed individuals are those who work for themselves and are not employed by a company or organization. This can include therapists, lawyers, and business owners. A high-level executive is a top-ranking member of a company’s management team, such as a CEO or Vice-President. Managers or directors who are not at the highest level of management may also qualify.

A high-level executive is typically a top-level manager in a company, such as a CEO, President, or Vice President. These individuals are responsible for making strategic decisions for the company, setting goals and objectives, and leading the overall direction of the organization. They often report to the board of directors and are responsible for the overall performance and success of the company.

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