Applying Social Psychology to Arenas of Life|Homework help

Posted: January 29th, 2023

please answer two questions From the options below using the readings ,power point slides, and attached link  to answer the.
****only choose two Questions****

 1. What are some of the general findings on the relationship between team cohesion and success? Relate this to something in your life or work environment. 

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2. Does team chemistry play a role in team performance? (If so, in what way)?  What would you do as a coach to enhance team performance based on your readings?

3. In the ISL readings, How do individuals and society create emotion?, i.e. in both cases the athletes enact masculinity.  In what ways? Who all is creating the masculine persona? 

4.  How can applied social psychology affect athletes’ performance? What is imposter syndrome, and how can we help people overcome it in school, work, or athletics?

5. State the basics of social exchange theory and apply it to a sports team that you know of either personally or as a fan.

6. Using either the “Taking a Knee” article, or the Cindra Kamphoff podcast, apply what you learned to a social psychological concept and explain.

link to reading 1 :

power point slides attached

”Taking a Knee



Social psychology can be applied to various arenas of life to understand human behavior and social interactions. Some of the areas where social psychology has practical applications include:

  1. Education: By understanding the social and psychological factors that influence student learning, teachers can create a more effective learning environment.
  2. Business: Social psychology helps companies understand their employees and customers, enabling them to create more effective marketing strategies and improve employee motivation.
  3. Health: By examining the social and psychological factors that influence health behavior, social psychologists can help individuals adopt healthier lifestyles and healthcare professionals can create more effective health promotion campaigns.
  4. Law: Social psychology helps lawyers and judges better understand eyewitness testimony, jury decision-making, and the impact of socio-cultural factors on legal outcomes.
  5. Political science: Social psychology helps political scientists understand the ways in which individuals form attitudes and beliefs, participate in political activities, and make political decisions.

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