Could Virtual Reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) replace the managers role in development and career planning|Essay guru

Posted: January 29th, 2023

1. Could Virtual Reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) replace the managers role in development and career planning? Explain

2. Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover and discuss how each of these forms of turnover can be leveraged for competitive advantage.

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3. There are some states that are “Employee at Will” states. You have an unproductive employee on staff. How would you proceed with the employee moving forward as the employer?

4. The pandemic shift continues to place changes on companies. List two benefits your organization has implemented that has helped employees to adjust and why?

5. Recently a person was terminated immediately for posting her salary on tic tock. Why would a company take such drastic steps toward immediate termination?

6. Your company plans to build a new manufacturing plant but is undecided where to locate it. What factors would you consider in choosing in which country (or state) to build the plant?

7. Companies are geared toward hiring employees with the skills and talents to assist in achieving goals and objectives. List three requirements you check that companies must have when you interview for a position. Explain your explanation.


15. In todays’ society, the position of inclusion coordinator appears important to organizations. What are some of the requirements for the job position should HR have?

16. An employee received a higher salary with less credentials than another employee for the same position at the same organization. The employee receiving less pay is filing a complaint to HR. What steps should HR take to rectify the issue before the employee files an EEOC complaint stating discrimination?

17. What are the advantages of exit interviews when companies are experiencing record numbers in turnover



No, VR and AI cannot completely replace the role of managers in development and career planning. While these technologies can provide valuable data and insights, they lack the human qualities of empathy, emotional intelligence, and situational awareness that are important in effective management.

Managers play a crucial role in coaching, mentoring, and providing support to their employees, and these interpersonal skills cannot be replicated by technology. Additionally, decisions on career development and growth often require nuanced and complex judgment that cannot be fully determined by algorithms.

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