Explain at least three problems with current energy use|Quick homework help

Posted: January 29th, 2023

All answers must have 5-7 complete sentences each. Must be in own words.


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1. Explain at least three problems with current energy use. (Write 5-7 sentences in your own words)

2. Give solutions to these three problems. Justify your answers. (open-ended question)

3. Which of the seven issues listed in the handout is the most critical? Why?

4. Discuss the energy market share of various energy sources from 1800 to date and in the future (5-8 sentences). Explain the trends with a diagram. (5 -6 sentences)

5. Global electricity production has increased constantly over the years. Identify three reasons (5-7 sentences)

6. Three comments on global electricity consumption. (5-7 sentences)

7. Explain the global energy transition from 1800 to the future (2100) with the help of a diagram.

8. Draw at least ten conclusions from the Sankey diagram.

9. Discuss five major environmental issues from coal. Discuss each in 3 sentence minimum.

10. Discuss global warming and estimates about future temperature rise. Show at least two references.


  • Environmental impact: The burning of fossil fuels, which currently provides the majority of the world’s energy, is a major contributor to air and water pollution and climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector are the largest contributor to global warming.
  • Limited resources: Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, are finite resources that will eventually be depleted. This means that we will eventually need to find alternative energy sources.


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