Explanation of the crime from two different perspectives purported by two different theories of crime|Quick homework help

Posted: January 29th, 2023

Writing Tips:

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1. Use the grading rubric as an outline guide for your paper.

2. The main purpose of the writing assignments is to demonstrate that you understand the

theories well enough to apply them to real world situations. For the “Explanation of the

crime from two different perspectives purported by two different theories of crime” part of

the grading rubric, I would suggest that you choose two different theories that you have read

about and are applicable to the article that is given for the respective writing assignment.

Next, I would advise using the following format for each theory: state the theory, provide a

definition, and apply the tenets of the theory to the case/situation in the article. Follow the

same format for the second theory that you choose.

3. To properly organize the paper, I would use headings and subheadings that have content

that is proportionate to the points awarded in the grading rubric. For example, if something

is worth a total of 3 points out of 7, it should have the most content and the concepts should

be thoroughly articulated in that section. Also, remember to cite your sources and use

proper APA format for the reference page and in-text citations.

Please see link for guidance on proper APA



Redland tenant ran giant illegal dump,

cops say, then tried to extort landlord for




APRIL 28, 2021 07:00 AM

Article Link: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article250974389.html




You can choose two theories of crime that you have learned about and that are relevant to the article provided for the assignment. You can then use these theories to explain the crime described in the article from different perspectives. This will demonstrate your understanding of the theories and how they can be applied to real-world situations.

There are many different theories of crime, but two of the most prominent are the psychological theory and the sociological theory.

The psychological theory of crime suggests that criminal behavior is the result of individual psychological factors, such as personality disorders or mental illness. According to this theory, criminals have a tendency to engage in criminal behavior because of their own personal characteristics or experiences.

The sociological theory of crime, on the other hand, suggests that criminal behavior is a result of larger social factors, such as poverty, unemployment, and inequality. According to this theory, criminals are more likely to engage in criminal behavior if they are living in disadvantaged neighborhoods or if they have limited access to education or job opportunities.

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