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Posted: January 29th, 2023

Work instructions: You will be given a hypothetical case where you have to obtain all the data you need for the job.

1. Introduction.

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2. Profile, age, sex, educational level, ocupation and vital signs of the patient.

3. Present or past treatment of the patient if applicable to the hypothetical case.

4. ALD disease effects.

5. Objective and subjective data.

6. Current condition and main complaint.

7. Brief summary of the current history of why you are in the hospital.

8. Stages of growth ACCORDING TO ERICK ERICKSON Say what stage the patient is in with the table.

9. what does the patient look like. ( if you need emotional or spiritual support)

10.Pharmacological treatments Medications, Doses, Routes, Use, Recommendations for nursing.

11. Laboratories (note) it may be the case that the client does not have laboratories, in which case you will look in the literature which laboratories under your diagnosis would be altered.

a) What data do you need from laboratories, altered patient values, scientific rationale and normal values.

12. Lists of problems and needs.

13. Nursing diagnoses identified based on the NANDA code.

14. Actual care plan.

15. Risk care plan.

16. Conclusions.

17. References.



In the event of a hypothetical hemorrhage, the following steps should be taken immediately:

  1. Call for emergency medical assistance.
  2. Stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure on the wound.
  3. Elevate the affected limb, if possible, to reduce blood flow.
  4. Administer first aid, such as covering the wound with a clean cloth or dressing.
  5. Keep the person calm and still to reduce blood loss.
  6. Monitor vital signs, such as pulse, breathing and consciousness.

It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible in cases of severe bleeding, as this can quickly lead to shock and potentially life-threatening complications.

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