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Posted: January 29th, 2023



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– 250 words each discussion

– 2 references each discussion


Discussion 1:

A recent story in the Philadelphia Inquirer described the development of a new pizza business called  Muncho  .  The focus of this story is the design of the company.  As explained in the article, the basis of this business is a mobile pizza oven in a van traveling through a city with half-baked pizzas in a refrigerator.  When the driver receives an order on the phone app, the driver pulls over and places a pizza in the oven (the pizza will take 6 minutes to finish baking).  The driver then drives to the location, cuts, boxes, and delivers the piping fresh hot pizza.  Because of the nature of the system, the pizza is at or above the market price.

Also, the delivery system has a limited delivery area within a city and a limited delivery time:  5 to 11 PM or until out of pizza in the fridge.

Now, when you first think about this business, one might say, “Hey, everyone will want this!”  But that is not necessarily the case.  Who would be the most likely group of people to use this service?  What characteristics would best describe these individuals?

Your task is to develop two market segments that you think are likely to buy a pizza from this retailer.  What do you think will be the three most important segmentation variables to use and why?  Create a name for your market segment, and give them a persona. Then identify which of those two segments you believe are most likely to purchase the pizza and support your answer.





Discussion 2:

How many of you still own a buggy whip?  What about a cabbage patch kid? Products experience what is referred to as a product life cycle.  Both of these products have journeyed through the product life cycle.  We have many products that are about to enter the decline stage of the product life cycle.  After reading the materials for this module and reviewing the information about the PLC, respond to the following question.

You are to identify two products.  The first product is a product that would be considered to be in either the introductory stage or the growth stage of the product life cycle.  The second product is to be a product that has entered the decline stage of the product life cycle.  For each product, identify the stage and state why you believe the product is in the stage.  Then provide one strategic action in terms of the marketing mix variables you believe the company that manages the product should do to extend the product’s life and state why.



Muncho is a new pizza business that utilizes a mobile pizza oven in a van to bake and deliver pizzas. The pizzas are half-baked and kept in a refrigerator in the van. When an order is placed through a phone app, the driver pulls over to finish baking the pizza and then delivers it to the customer’s location. The pizza is slightly more expensive than the market price due to the unique delivery system.

The most likely group of people to use this service would likely be individuals who live within the delivery area, have a desire for pizza, and are available during the delivery time window of 5-11 PM. These individuals may be busy professionals, students, or families who do not have the time or desire to cook a meal and would prefer a convenient option for ordering pizza. Additionally, they may be individuals who value convenience and are willing to pay a premium for the service.

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