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Posted: January 29th, 2023

Module #1:  Evidence-based practice as it relates to population-based nursing combines clinical practice and public health through the use of population health sciences in clinical practice (Heller & Page, 2002). Epidemiology is the science of public health.  In addition, the focus of population-based care is on populations at risk, comparison groups, and demographic factors (Curley & Vitale, 2012).

Discussion Question for Initial Post: Select a population of your interest (I am in the mental health adolescents population) – it can be the patient group you care for in your work setting, or any group of laypeople you’re especially interested in (e.g., school children, low-income seniors). Why is a population health approach needed to promote health and wellness in this population? What are the determinants of their health status? What is the APRN role in improving health and wellness in the population you selected?

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Evidence-based practice in population-based nursing combines the use of clinical practice with population health sciences to improve the health outcomes of a specific population. Epidemiology, the study of disease patterns and causes in a population, plays a crucial role in informing the practices and interventions used in population-based nursing. By utilizing evidence from population health research, nurses can make informed decisions and provide targeted care to improve the health of their community.

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