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Posted: January 29th, 2023


Read or review the following:

Drawing and citing from Chapters 7 and 8 in your Program Evaluation for Social Workers e-book, describe the program theory and create a logic model of a social work program. It could be one from you own work or internship experience, a program at which you are interested in working or interning in the future, or one described in an academic journal.

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Note that your post should be substantive and be 500–750 words. It should be well-organized and proofread.


Program theory is a logical explanation of how a program is supposed to work and achieve its intended outcomes. It provides a clear understanding of the program’s underlying assumptions and the mechanisms by which it is expected to produce change.

For example, a social work program aimed at reducing recidivism among juvenile offenders might have a program theory that states that providing therapy, mentoring, and educational opportunities to youth while they are in detention and after their release will improve their decision-making skills, increase their sense of self-worth, and provide them with positive role models. This, in turn, will reduce their likelihood of reoffending.

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