Review the discussion board in week two on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity|Homework help

Posted: January 29th, 2023

    focuses on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity of APPLE inc

  • Review the discussion board in week two on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity.
  • Write a brief report of at least one page in whole paragraphs. You may use bullet points.
  • This report will assist you in the final SEC 10-K project deliverables.
  • Submit it as a Word document.


The report should include the following:

Deadlines from 1 hour
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  • Sections or line items of the Shareholders’ Equity including but not limited to:
    • Beginning Balance
    • Common Stock
    • Retained Earnings or Accumulated Deficit
    • Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income or Loss
    • Net Income or Loss


The Statement of Shareholders’ Equity, also known as the Statement of Stockholders’ Equity or the Statement of Owner’s Equity, is a financial statement that shows the changes in a company’s equity during a specific period of time. It is typically presented as part of a company’s balance sheet, and it provides information about the sources and uses of equity funds. The statement includes information about the company’s common stock, retained earnings, and any other forms of equity, such as preferred stock or treasury stock.

It is important to note that the statement of shareholders’ equity is different from the statement of cash flows, which focuses on the inflow and outflow of cash during a specific period. The statement of shareholders’ equity, on the other hand, focuses on the changes in equity during a specific period, regardless of whether or not those changes resulted in cash inflows or outflows.

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