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Posted: January 29th, 2023

  1. Based on the links provided, what are a few examples where Social Justice in Preservation is needed?
  2. How do National and State Preservation Organizations, along with their entities, promote social justice through their missions/visions? If some do not, how can they promote social justice?
  3. in Andrea Robert’s article, summarize her perspective on preservation and Intersectionality. Utilizing the “For the Culture” segments in the slides, how is that illustrated?
  4. Comparing Andrea Robert’s article with Dr. Daniel’s presentation from this past Tuesday, what are some ways that Intersectionality overlaps with his experiences and themes of Social Justice? Where do they differ?


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National and state preservation organizations often promote social justice through the following ways:

  1. Advocating for diverse representation in the preservation field and promoting inclusivity in their work.
  2. Focusing on preserving and highlighting historically significant sites and buildings that relate to underrepresented communities and their histories.
  3. Providing education and training programs aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in preservation practices.
  4. Collaborating with community-based organizations to ensure that the perspectives and priorities of marginalized communities are included in preservation decision-making processes.
  5. Supporting research and advocacy efforts aimed at addressing systemic barriers to preserving cultural heritage for historically marginalized communities.
  6. Incorporating social justice considerations into the preservation planning process, including environmental justice, economic justice, and cultural preservation.

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