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Posted: February 1st, 2023

Week 5: Health Disparities

General Poverty

1. Play Spent Activity:

The Urban Ministries of Durham have a great online poverty simulation that goes through a month in the life of a person living in poverty. To access the simulation, click this link:  Summarize your experience with this simulation activity

Did you have money left over?

What difficult decisions did you need to make?

What was your overall feeling when the month was over?

2. After reading the Culture of Care Policy Brief

What does the Covid-19 pandemic teach us about health disparities in the U.S?

Identify policy recommendations that would address these inequalities.

Food Security

Go to the website, United States Food Drug Administration- Household Food

Security at

How is food insecurity defined?

Which populations are most at risk for food insecurity?

What programs are available to improve food access? Consider Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


1. Who are the homeless and why are they homeless?

Go to the website of the National Coalition for the Homeless:

Click on Issues – Read about 2 topics that interest you.

Click on Campaigns – read about one campaign.

Hoover over About NCH and then click on Policy Priorities – read about one policy recommendation.

2. Describe the face of the “homeless”.

What are the numbers?

Who is homeless?

Why are they homeless?

How are health and homelessness related?

Identify and describe one policy project to reduce/end homelessness.

Go to Policy Map in the MSU library database. What information can you find on housing and homelessness in your community? As a public health nurse, why is it important to know this information?

3. Describe what is meant by having “affordable housing”
Review the Mortgage Lending Report at the following link:
Based on your review, how do current trends in mortgage lending impact affordable housing and homelessness?
What populations are most likely to have challenges with mortgage lending, and why?
What similarities do you see in populations most impacted by homelessness and mortgage lending?
What recommendation would you give to a potential home buyer who may be most impacted by current trends in mortgage lending?


The Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) is a non-profit organization located in Durham, North Carolina. It provides various social services such as emergency shelter, food assistance, healthcare, and education to individuals and families in need. UMD works to empower and support the marginalized communities in Durham, with the aim of promoting dignity, justice, and hope for all.

Both populations impacted by homelessness and mortgage lending often face financial insecurity and lack of access to stable housing. This can lead to difficulty in meeting basic needs and can also result in broader social and economic challenges. In particular, communities of color and those with low incomes are disproportionately affected by both homelessness and mortgage lending issues. Additionally, the root causes of homelessness and mortgage lending challenges, such as poverty, job loss, and income inequality, often overlap.

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