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Posted: February 11th, 2023

Durkheim and the social


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Durkheim is considered as one of the founding figures of sociology and one of the most prominent social theorists of the 19th century. He believed that society is not just a collection of individuals but a reality in its own right that shapes and influences human behavior. Durkheim’s work is focused on understanding the social causes of various social phenomena, including crime, suicide, religion, and the division of labor.

One of Durkheim’s key contributions to sociology is his concept of social solidarity, which refers to the shared beliefs, values, and norms that bind individuals together in a society. He believed that social solidarity is necessary for the stability and coherence of society, and that it can take one of two forms: mechanical solidarity, which is based on shared beliefs and practices, and organic solidarity, which is based on the interdependence of specialized individuals in a division of labor.

Durkheim’s work has had a significant impact on sociological theory and remains influential in contemporary sociological research. His ideas have been applied to a wide range of social issues, including crime and deviance, religion, education, and soc

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