Discuss the ethical dilemma from  the perspective of societal ethics|Quick homework help

Posted: February 12th, 2023

Assignment Instructions

Select from one of the following scenarios:

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  1. You are the IT administrator for your  company. One of the employees discovers a loophole in the security  whereby the employees may access the personnel records of other  employees in the company. Personnel records include names, addresses,  Social Security numbers, disciplinary actions, annual reviews, and  salary information. You are working on a time-sensitive project and do  not fix the problem for 2 weeks. As you are fixing the problem, you note  that several employees have accessed personnel records using the  loophole.
  2. You are the CIO of a large national auto  retailer. As a part of your service, you offer auto loans through your  dealerships. This requires your company to collect and store personally  identifiable information on your customers. Additionally, you store  customer bank account and credit card information so that customers can  use automatic payment options for their loans. Recently, your company  has been hacked, and a significant number of client accounts have been  breached. The CEO is demanding that the IT group handle this privately  rather than reporting the breach for fear that publicizing the  information will have a negative effect on quarterly earnings.

Analyze your chosen scenario from the aspect of  computing ethics and privacy ethics. Discuss the ethical dilemma from  the perspective of societal ethics, organizational ethics, and  individual ethics. Research on the Internet to determine what data  security and privacy laws are relevant in this scenario. Describe each  law and consequences for violation of the law. Discuss the reputational  and financial impact this scenario might have on the organization. From  the perspective of the IT administrator in scenario 1, or the  perspective of the CIO in scenario 2, how would you respond to the  situation? Justify your response from an ethical and legal perspective.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length and follow APA format.
  2. Include Table of
  3. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  4. Select one of the scenarios provided.
  5. Analyze the scenario from a computing ethics and privacy ethics perspective.
  6. Analyze the scenario from a societal ethics, organizational ethics, and individual ethics perspective.
  7. Identify relevant data security and privacy laws for this scenario and the consequences for violating these laws.
  8. Discuss the reputational and financial impact on the organization in the chosen scenario.
  9. Discuss how you would respond to the situation and justify your choice.


Ethical dilemmas can be seen from different perspectives, including societal ethics. Societal ethics refer to the ethical principles and values that are held and shared by a particular society or culture. The ethical dilemma from the perspective of societal ethics can be evaluated based on the impact of the decision or action on the greater community and the moral values that are commonly accepted by that society.

For example, consider a dilemma about the distribution of limited medical resources. From the perspective of societal ethics, the allocation of these resources would have to be based on principles of fairness and equality, such that everyone has equal access to healthcare and medical treatment, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Another example is the use of advanced technology and AI in decision-making processes, such as hiring and loan approvals. From the perspective of societal ethics, it is important to ensure that these systems do not perpetuate discrimination and bias against certain groups. The ethical dilemma here is balancing the benefits of using technology for efficiency with the need to protect the rights and dignity of individuals and c

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