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Posted: February 12th, 2023

week 3 Discussion form  LO2,LO3,LO4

week 3 Assignment LO4

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week 4 Discussion LO2,LO3

Final Submission LO2,LO3,LO4

Week 3 Discussion Forum (LO2) (LO3) (LO4) – 50 points

What role do you see APA citations playing in your writing? How does the use of citations help avoid plagiarism? How does ethics play a role in scholarly writing?

Using one of the resources found in Week 2, paraphrase a paragraph from the resource, in one to two sentences, providing appropriate in-text citations and reference list.

Initial posts should be 300-500 words.You can finish your post asking a question that you may have about academic integrity for others to answer  OR you can respond to two peers. Responses should be 100-200 words.  (LO2) (LO3) (LO4)

Essential Activities:

1. Reading the all of the required readings will assist you in writing this discussion forum.


1. Please refer to the discussion forum rubric on the start here tab for this assignment.

2. Initial discussion forum is due by “Wednesday” at 11:59 PM EST and responses to two of your classmates are due by “Sunday” at 11:59 PM EST.

3. Each week to earn full points on the discussion forums, make sure to include outside sources to support your discussion.

Research and examine strategies for maintaining academic integrity. Create an infographic with at least five strategies you will use to maintain academic integrity. Create an original graphic in Canva, templates are not allowed. Submit as a PDF.  (LO3)

Cite all sources used in APA Style Format.  (LO4)

Essential Activities:

1. Reading the all of the required readings will assist you in writing this discussion forum.


1. Due by “Sunday” at 11:59 PM EST.

2. Review the rubric on the start here tab for grading guidelines.

3. Optional resources provides step-by-step process for downloading graphic as a PDF.  Images will not be accepted.

4. Templates are not allowed. It is expected you create your own graphic.


APA citations play a crucial role in scholarly writing by giving credit to the original sources of information used in a paper. The use of citations in academic writing helps to establish the credibility and validity of the research and provides a clear and transparent trail of sources for others to follow.

The use of citations helps to avoid plagiarism by clearly identifying which parts of a paper are the author’s original ideas and which parts are drawn from other sources. Properly citing sources shows that the author has done their due diligence in researching the topic and helps to avoid the unintentional or intentional use of others’ work without proper credit.

Ethics play a significant role in scholarly writing, particularly when it comes to avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a serious offense in the academic community and can have significant consequences, including loss of credibility and reputation. Ethical scholarly writing requires authors to be transparent and honest about the sources of their information and to give proper credit to the original authors. It is important for authors to understand and follow the ethical principles of scholarly writing, including proper citation practices, to maintain the integrity of the academic community and to respect the hard work and intellectual property of others.

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