Theoretical Framework to Support Evidence-Based Practice|Legit essays

Posted: February 12th, 2023

  1. Review literature regarding issues or concerns within your selected area of advanced practice nursing.
  2. Select a theory or model which is relevant to your selected area of advanced practice nursing.
  3. Offer a meaningful context for evidence-based practice surrounding the issue or concern which you identified.
  4. Identify and describe a theory or model, and explain its relevance to the issues or concerns within your selected area of advanced practice
  5. Explain how the theory or model can be used as a framework to guide evidence-based practice to address the issue or concern, and discuss the unique insight or perspective offered through the application of this theory or model.

Submission Instructions:

  • The PowerPoint presentation is original work and logically organized. It should consist of 10-15 slides excluding the title and reference.


The theoretical framework is a crucial aspect of evidence-based practice (EBP), as it provides a systematic approach to guide decision-making and inform best practices. In the context of EBP, a theoretical framework serves as a lens through which to view, interpret, and integrate empirical evidence, theory, and clinical expertise.

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A theoretical framework for EBP can be based on a range of theoretical models, including:

  1. Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Model: This model is based on the integration of best available evidence, clinician expertise, and patient values and preferences to make informed clinical decisions.
  2. The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Model: This model involves the integration of evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences to inform the development and implementation of best practice guidelines.
  3. The Knowledge Translation (KT) Model: This model focuses on the translation of evidence into practice and involves the dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based interventions.
  4. The Innovation Diffusion Model: This model focuses on the adoption and implementation of new practices and technologies and considers factors such as the relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability, and observability of an innovation.

Regardless of the specific theoretical model chosen, a theoretical framework provides a structured approach to guide EBP, ensuring that decisions are informed by the best available evidence and are consistent with established best practices. By providing a clear and consistent approach to EBP, a theoretical framework can enhance the quality of care delivered to patients and support continuous improvement in healthcare.

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