What is conflict? What is relationship awareness theory?|Quick homework help

Posted: February 12th, 2023

What is conflict? What is relationship awareness theory?

Three (3) Analysis and Reflection Papers

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(15% X3 = 45% of total grade)

You will write three (3) 6‐8‐page analysis and reflection papers based on each of the three

frameworks studied throughout the course and applied to three personal difficult conversations you

have experienced in the last 12 ‐18 months.

Use APA 7th edition style including 12pt font, Times New Roman, double‐spaced, 1‐inch margins,

page numbers. Each paper will have 3 referenced sources to support your analysis. A general

guidance for to support that analysis you should expect to use 6‐8 citations from the framework

presented in the textbook (at least 5) and other course material or approved academic resources (at

least 2).

Be sure to structure your paper as follows:

 A title page (1 page),

 Reference page (1 page) and

 4‐6 pages of analysis and reflection

 Total 6‐8‐page paper.

Each paper will use a personal example of a conflict or accountability conversation or negotiation

that you participated in or observed.

The narrative of the example is applied to course content to illustrate your analysis for what worked

or could be done differently to achieve a better outcome in the future.

Reflection Paper #1: Using the text, Have a Nice Conflict, analyze a personal

conflict you have experienced in the last 12‐18 months.

Include the following in your analysis:


 Answer: What is conflict? What is relationship awareness theory?

 Describe your conflict.

Analyze the conflict using the core five principles of anticipate, prevent, identify, manage and

resolve (as outlined in the textbook).

Include the following observations as you write your paper:

 SDI & Motivational Values:

o What motivational value systems were you operating with?

o What about the other person/party – what was their motivational value system?

o What do you think were the intentions of the other person/party? Why does this


 How did you and/or the other person shift in Motivational Value System (MVS) as the

conflict escalated (potential for three stages) or could have escalated?


 Based on what you have learned in the textbook, classroom lectures, activities, and your

own SDI assessment, how could this conflict have been prevented, or been more effectively



Conflict can be defined as a situation in which two or more parties have incompatible needs, wants, or goals. It can occur in any type of relationship, including personal and professional. Relationship Awareness Theory is a conflict management approach that focuses on increasing self-awareness and understanding of others’ motivations and value systems.

In my conflict, I was working on a team project with a colleague who had a different working style than I did. I prefer to work independently and get tasks done quickly, while my colleague preferred to work collaboratively and take their time with the project. This resulted in disagreements and misunderstandings between us.

Anticipate: I could have anticipated this conflict by being more aware of my own working style and the potential for conflicts with someone who had a different approach. I could have also proactively discussed our working styles and set clear expectations for the project before we began.

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