Neolithic Revolution: Rise of Agriculture + Herding and Pastoral Nomad-ism|Legit essays

Posted: February 13th, 2023

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a) What caused these two paths of food production?

b) What were the social, technological, scientific and cultural results of the first path, which was based on agriculture?

c) What kind of technologies developed during the Neolithic Revolution?


a) The two paths of food production are the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which was prevalent in the Paleolithic era, and the agricultural lifestyle, which emerged during the Neolithic Revolution. The shift from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agricultural one was driven by a number of factors, including climate change, population growth, and the discovery of new food sources.

b) The social, technological, scientific and cultural results of the first path, which was based on agriculture, include:

  1. Social: The development of settled communities and the rise of urban centers. The rise of agriculture allowed for a more stable food supply, which allowed people to settle in one place rather than constantly moving in search of food. This led to the development of the first cities and the growth of civilizations.
  2. Technological: The development of new tools and technologies for planting and harvesting crops, as well as for storage and transportation of food. The use of plows, irrigation systems, and storage facilities allowed for increased food production and a more reliable food supply.
  3. Scientific: The development of a deeper understanding of the natural world, including the cycles of seasons, weather patterns, and the behavior of plants and animals. This knowledge was used to develop more effective agricultural practices and to improve crop yields.
  4. Cultural: The rise of trade and commerce, as surplus food could be traded for goods and services. This led to the development of a market economy and the growth of trade networks, which facilitated the spread of ideas, technologies, and cultural practices.

c) During the Neolithic Revolution, the following technologies developed:

  1. Agricultural tools: Plows, hoes, sickles, and other tools for planting, harvesting, and processing crops.
  2. Irrigation systems: Canals, ditches, and other systems for transporting water to crops.
  3. Storage facilities: Silos, granaries, and other structures for storing surplus food.
  4. Pottery: The development of pottery allowed for the storage and transport of food and liquids.
  5. Textiles: The development of weaving and other textile techniques allowed for the production of clothing and other household goods.

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