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Posted: February 13th, 2023

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DNP 802: Role Development

February 12, 2023












It is becoming increasingly clear that clinics would benefit from being led by a Director of Nursing (DON) with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree due to the experience they bring to the table . The DON is the person in charge of overseeing and implementing changes to nursing staff ranging from shift changes, infection control, prevention procedures, evaluating and directing the staff while establishing goals and creating and making sure everyone is compliant with the healthcare policies in place. To fill the gap between clinical practice and healthcare research and to provide leadership and direction to nursing personnel in the clinic setting, this position was selected for its advanced practice nurse qualifications.

According to Pritham and White (2016), a DNP-prepared nurse would be able to understand how to handle ethical dilemmas because of the advanced technologies and scientific findings that are rapidly occurring within the field. They would also be able to participate in ethics reviews and policy-making committees, which would benefit everyone involved.

While reviewing our weekly readings from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2006), the Essentials also made it very clear how the DNP program equips the DNP-prepared nurse ranging from Essentials 1 through 8 just to name a few. They are equipped with knowledge ranging from how to bring about changes in the healthcare status, organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement which affects healthcare and patient outcomes, scholarship, and research by the form of discovery, they also advocate for good healthcare policies and able to collaborate inter-professionally and also promote health which is listed under Essential VII (AACN, 2006). All these are the qualifications and tools that a DNP-prepared DON would bring to the table within the clinic with the end goals of achieving a great team and great patient outcomes.

There was also an analysis done by the AACN which showed a time frame of seven years and how fast people that were already registered nurses were obtaining their doctorate degree with a concentration in DNP instead of the Ph.D. (AACN, 2006). This goes to show how important the DNP-prepared nurse is and its place within society continues to grow rapidly.

There is a void in the research on this topic because most studies have concentrated on the function of the DNP-prepared nurse in hospitals and other tertiary care facilities rather than primary care settings like clinics (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2021). The advanced knowledge and skills required to lead the implementation of evidence-based practice and improve the quality of care provided to patients are uniquely suited to the DNP-prepared nurse. The DNP-prepared nurse is increasingly being recognized as the ideal candidate for this position in clinical settings due to the fact that almost everything required for this position has to be evident based in order to be successful.

Educators with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree can learn much from the DNP perspective, which differs in various ways from MSN. First, a DNP graduate with advanced education in healthcare research and the ability to critically analyze and apply research findings to clinical practice is in a better position to lead the implementation of evidence-based practice in the clinic. The DNP holder has a deeper understanding of healthcare systems and interdisciplinary team dynamics, making them better equipped to provide leadership and direction to their nursing staff (Trautman et al., 2018).

The DNP DON will be equipped with superior expertise in healthcare research, data analysis, and quality improvement, allowing them to pioneer the introduction of evidence-based practice in clinical settings. They will also have superior management and leadership abilities, allowing them to steer the nursing team in the right direction and collaborate fruitfully with other medical professionals (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2021). The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) holder will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively advocate for patients and enhance the quality of care delivered in clinical settings by virtue of their familiarity with and mastery of healthcare systems. The DON holds a DNP degree and is dedicated and understands the importance of using evidence-based practice as a tool to achieve their goals within the clinic and lead the staff in the direction required to achieve evidenced based outcomes. In this paper, we will discuss the SWOT(strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis for a DNP-prepared DON in clinics that apply evidenced based practice in their services.


SWOT Analysis


· Advanced education and training in evidence-based practice, leadership, and quality improvement- Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs prepare nurses to critically evaluate and apply research to clinical practice, giving them the skills to make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

· Leadership capabilities: As a DNP-prepared nurse, the DON has the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and manage a clinic (Trautman et al., 2018).

· DNP graduates are prepared to design, influence, and implement health care policies that frame health care financing, practice regulation, access, safety, quality, and efficacy(AACN, 2006).

· DNP-prepared NPs strongly understand healthcare systems and can analyze and use data to improve patient outcomes. This allows them to take a leadership role in improving primary care delivery and to advocate for policy changes that support and improve patient-centered care characterized by quality services (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2021).

· They have the ability to incorporate most if not all of the essentials learned during the DNP education (AACN, 2006)

· Strong research skills: DNP-prepared nurses have strong research skills that will be utilized to eradicate the low quality of care provided in the clinic(AACN, 2006).


· Limited understanding of business aspects: While DNPs have advanced healthcare knowledge, they may not have formal business management and administration training.

· The limited scope of practice: In some states, DNPs may have a different scope of practice than physicians, limiting their ability to make certain clinical decisions.

· Limited reimbursement: Some insurance plans may only partially reimburse for services provided by advanced practice nurses, which can limit their ability to provide care.

· Limited access to certain medications: DNP-prepared nurses may not have the same prescribing authority as physicians, which can limit the care that can be provided (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2021).

· Limited public recognition: DNP-prepared nurses may not be as well-known as physicians, which can limit the recognition of their skills and expertise and utilization.

· Limited access to certain medical equipment: DNP-prepared nurses may not have the same access to medical equipment as physicians, which can limit the care that can be provided to the community.

· Difficult change culture without strong administrative support can be an issue also (AACN, 2006)



· Increased demand for advanced practice nurses: As the healthcare system shifts towards value-based care, there is a growing need for advanced practice nurses like DNPs to provide high-quality, cost-effective care(Pritham & White, 2016).

· Collaboration with other healthcare professionals: The DON, as a DNP, can collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.

· Telehealth: The increasing use of telehealth can allow DNP-prepared nurses to care for patients in remote areas which would improve patient’s ability to access care without thinking about issues with transportation(Moran et al., 2020).






I need it turned to about 10 PowerPoint presentation (excluding information and reference pages) for the attached project. Please provide speaker’s notes with each presentation. See the attached PowerPoints’ Guideline

· Suggested slides:

o Title Slide – include your name and the specific focus of your topic

o Slide #1- Describe why this is your area of interest and why important

o Slide #2/3- Major Findings about role- be sure to cite the articles on the slide as you address the findings (use a smaller number for 1st author or use numbers only given space restraints)

o Slide 4- SWOT Analysis

o Slide #5- PEST Analysis

o Slide #6- Gaps in Literature

o Slide #7- Research Needs

o Slide #8/9- Next steps in role transition

o Slide #10 References

o This is not a hard and fast number but we don’t want more than 10-12 slides and it should be < 20 minutes presentation.


· Expertise in Evidence-Based Practice: Advanced practice nurses, such as DNPs, are trained in using evidence-based practice to inform their decision making. This means that they are able to draw upon the best available research to make informed decisions about patient care, leading to improved outcomes and increased efficiency in the healthcare system.

· Ability to Lead and Manage Teams: DNPs are often leaders in their field and have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and direct interdisciplinary teams. They are also able to advocate for their patients and work to effect change within the healthcare system.

· Focus on Quality and Safety: As highly-skilled and knowledgeable healthcare providers, DNPs have a focus on providing the highest quality of care possible. They are also trained in patient safety, making them well equipped to identify and mitigate potential risks to their patients.

Overall, the increasing demand for advanced practice nurses like DNPs reflects the changing landscape of healthcare and the need for highly-skilled, cost-effective providers who can deliver quality care and improve patient outcomes.

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