What are your thoughts on healthcare rationing|My homework helper

Posted: February 13th, 2023

Health care rationing involves selecting, on some basis, those who will have access to health care services and those who will not. There are those who favor rationing by age, some who favor rationing by disease and those who favor rationing by income (unfortunately, this is what we currently have in the United States).

  • What are your thoughts on healthcare rationing? Do you agree or disagree with the concept?
  • What type of rationing would you support in the United States? What are the other alternatives (as you see it) if you do not support rationing?
  • What are your thoughts about rationing of healthcare in other countries?
  • 700 words apa


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Healthcare rationing is a complex and controversial issue, and different people have different opinions about it. Proponents of rationing argue that it is a necessary measure to ensure that limited healthcare resources are used in an equitable and efficient manner, especially in the context of rising healthcare costs and an aging population. Rationing by age, for example, might prioritize elderly individuals who are more likely to need medical services.

Opponents of rationing argue that it is unethical to deny individuals access to essential health services based on arbitrary criteria such as age, income, or disease. They also argue that rationing can lead to suboptimal medical outcomes and could result in harm to patients who are denied care that they need.

In the United States, the current healthcare system relies on private insurance and out-of-pocket payments, which often results in a lack of access to healthcare services for some individuals, particularly those who are low-income. Alternatives to rationing include expanding access to healthcare services through a universal health coverage system, promoting health and wellness to reduce the demand for medical services, and encouraging the development of new and more efficient medical technologies.

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