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Posted: February 14th, 2023

For your Unit 4 Discussion Board, select a single topic to work with for your DB4, IP4 and IP5 assignments. This is the beginning of your Research Methods project for this course

You begin in DB4 by selecting your topic and then writing a “problem statement” that analyzes why it is a problematic issue in criminal justice that needs to be addressed. It will be helpful to select a topic that you are passionate about because you will spend a lot of time researching it. If you do not know what topic to select, then here are some suggestions (not all inclusive) for you to consider:

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Racial Profiling


Your DB4 problem statement should discuss or bring into focus the issue(s) that you have identified. Below are some sample questions to jumpstart your creativity. You do not have to answer all of these questions:

  • Identify the issue. Why is it a problem? Why is it important to be addressed in the Criminal Justice system?
  • How or why is the issue impacting the community, law enforcement, court cases, correctional operations, or parole administration?
  • Do laws and/or policies need to be created or changed to fix the identified problem(s)?
    • Specifically, is the problem a policy issue or a legislative issue? What is the difference between policies and laws?
  • Does the issue increase recidivism rates? How or why?
  • Is there a hiring issue or a training issue for Criminal Justice personnel?



Issue: Racial profiling is the practice of targeting individuals for suspicion of criminal behavior based on their race or ethnicity, rather than on any individualized suspicion. It is a problem because it violates individual rights and can lead to discriminatory treatment of certain groups. It is important to be addressed in the Criminal Justice system because it undermines public trust in law enforcement and can damage community-police relations.

Racial profiling impacts both the community and law enforcement. It can lead to a breakdown in trust between police and the communities they serve, which can make it more difficult for police to do their jobs effectively. It can also result in unjustified arrests and convictions, and can disproportionately affect certain racial and ethnic groups.

Laws and policies can be created or changed to address racial profiling. Some states have passed laws explicitly prohibiting racial profiling, while others have implemented policies and training programs to prevent it.

The issue is both a policy and a legislative issue. Policies are internal guidelines that govern the behavior of law enforcement officers, while laws are formal rules created by lawmakers. Both policies and laws can be used to address racial profiling.

Racial profiling can increase recidivism rates because it can lead to unfair treatment of individuals within the criminal justice system. This can result in higher rates of incarceration and longer sentences, which can increase the likelihood of reoffending.

There is both a hiring and a training issue for Criminal Justice personnel. Police departments need to ensure that they are recruiting a diverse group of officers who are able to build positive relationships with the communities they serve. Additionally, training programs should be implemented to help officers understand the negative impacts of racial profiling and how to avoid it.

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