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Posted: February 14th, 2023

MSN 5550 Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease Case Study Module 6 Instructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. Please provide evidence-based rationales for your answers. APA, 7th ed. must be followed. Due: Saturday by 23:59 pm

CASE STUDY: Albert Albert Mitchell is a 36-year-old man who will be traveling to Dubai to give a business presentation in 3 months. Although he has traveled widely in the United States as a consultant, this is his first trip to the Middle East. He requests information regarding immunizations needed before his trip. Albert states that as he will be in Dubai for only a few days, he is unlikely to contract a disease in such a short time and therefore believes that it is illogical to obtain immunizations. Albert states that he has heard that the side effects of the immunizations might be worse than the diseases they prevent. He is also concerned about leaving his wife at home alone because she is 6 months pregnant. Reflective Questions How would you address Albert’s beliefs? What learning would be needed in each domain? What learning theories would you consider? How might his family concerns be addressed?

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  1. How would you address Albert’s beliefs? It is important to address Albert’s beliefs in a non-judgmental manner while providing evidence-based information about the importance of immunizations. I would explain to Albert that although he may only be in Dubai for a short period, he may still be at risk for certain diseases. I would also clarify that the side effects of immunizations are generally mild and temporary compared to the potential risks of contracting a disease.
  2. What learning would be needed in each domain? In the cognitive domain, Albert would need to learn about the diseases that are prevalent in Dubai, their symptoms, and how they are transmitted. In the affective domain, Albert would need to develop a positive attitude towards immunizations and acknowledge their importance in preventing disease. In the psychomotor domain, Albert may need to learn how to administer self-injections if necessary.
  3. What learning theories would you consider? I would consider using the social cognitive theory, which suggests that individuals learn through observation and modeling of others, and the health belief model, which proposes that individuals’ health behaviors are influenced by their beliefs about susceptibility to disease and perceived benefits of health-promoting actions.
  4. How might his family concerns be addressed? I would address Albert’s family concerns by discussing the importance of protecting his own health in order to be able to care for his wife and unborn child upon his return. I would also provide information about the safety and efficacy of immunizations during pregnancy and encourage Albert to consult with his wife’s obstetrician if he has any concerns. Additionally, I would provide recommendations for preventative measures that Albert can take to reduce the risk of transmitting any potential illnesses to his family upon his return home.

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