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Posted: February 15th, 2023

Please write a paper between 1000-2000 words covering the module topics in this course. Create a fictional company that you are the CISO for. Please craft a paper using the APA format to outline your cybersecurity plan to the CEO and the stakeholder. Allow the assumptions below to frame your cybersecurity plan.

Essential Topics: Be sure to put interest on these issues

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1. Please reference your company product(s), primary means of communication, advertising, and sales/distribution.

2. What are your companies vulnerabilities? What are the threats to your company’s people, resources, and business model?

3. Explain your organization’s risks and how you plan to deal with them. Use the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) model.

4. Explain your plan to respond to an incident(s), be resilient throughout the incident, and recover from the incident?

5. Are there any costs that the company will have to pay for? If so, how will it get paid and what is the Return on Investment (ROI)?


1. This paper must be formatted in APA Style 7th edition.

2. This paper must at least touch on every week of the course.

3. If you exceed 2000 words please use  Appendices  for a topic’s procedure and implementation details.

4. Please refer to the written assignment rubric on the start here tab for this paper.

5. This paper is due Saturday at 11:59 PM EST

6. The effort you put into this paper will determine your grade. You are not expected to be an expert. Do your research and craft your plan.

7. Utilize this paper to do your presentation. The presentation is the breakdown of this paper to be presented to the C-Suite of your company.



Title of Paper

Cybersecurity Plan for XYZ Corporation


As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of XYZ Corporation, it is my responsibility to ensure the protection of our company’s assets and information. In this paper, I will outline our cybersecurity plan to address the risks and vulnerabilities facing our organization. This plan is crucial to maintain the integrity of our product(s), primary means of communication, advertising, and sales/distribution.

Company Overview

XYZ Corporation is a global technology company that provides software solutions to a wide range of industries. Our product(s) are used by large and small businesses alike to streamline their operations, increase productivity and reduce costs. Our primary means of communication are through email and our company website, and we rely heavily on digital marketing and social media to advertise and sell our products. Our sales and distribution are predominantly conducted online, although we do have some physical storefronts in major cities.

Vulnerabilities and Threats

As with any technology company, we face numerous vulnerabilities and threats to our people, resources, and business model. Our vulnerabilities include outdated software and hardware, weak passwords, unsecured network connections, and lack of employee training. The threats to our organization include hackers, cybercriminals, insider threats, malware, and phishing attacks. These threats can cause significant damage to our company’s reputation, financial losses, and disruption of our operations.

Risk Analysis

To mitigate these risks, we conducted a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify potential risks and quantify the impact of an incident on our company. We identified the following risks that pose a significant threat to our organization:

  1. Data Breach – The loss of confidential customer and business data could have severe legal and financial consequences.
  2. Ransomware Attack – A ransomware attack could cause operational disruption, loss of data, and a financial loss from a ransom payment.
  3. Insider Threat – An employee who intentionally or unintentionally causes harm to our organization could compromise our data and intellectual property.
  4. Supply Chain Attack – An attack on our third-party vendors could compromise the security of our systems and data.

Response Plan

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, our response plan involves three phases: Respond, Resilience, and Recovery.

  1. Respond – Our response plan includes identifying the type of incident and its scope, notifying the appropriate stakeholders, and isolating the affected systems.
  2. Resilience – Our resilience plan involves containing the damage and continuing operations using back

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