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Posted: February 18th, 2023


Using the client information provided, respond to the critical thinking questions. Each response should be original (in your own words) and a minimum of three sentences in length.

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Client Information

Meet your client, Nicole Peterson.

Nicole Peterson is a very thin 80-year-old woman who is in the hospital after fracturing her hip. Her hip was surgically repaired four days ago, but her recovery is slower than usual because of her overall fragile health and some post-surgery confusion. One of her nursing diagnoses is self-care deficits related to weakness, pain, alteration in cognitive functioning, and impaired mobility. Her nursing orders (NIC) include self-care assistance: bathing/hygiene/toileting.

Nicole Peterson: 80-year-old female, fractured hip surgically repaired, nursing diagnosis: self-care deficits, pain, alteration in cognitive functioning, impaired mobility

As the nurse helps an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) with Mrs. Peterson’s bath, she notices a reddened area on her sacrum. Realizing that this may be the beginning of a pressure injury, the nurse examines the area carefully and notes a small skin excoriation in the area. She repositions Mrs. Peterson to prevent further pressure on her sacrum. After finishing the bath, the nurse records her findings and enters on Mrs. Peterson’s care plan a nursing diagnosis of impaired skin integrity related to mechanical forces (e.g., shearing forces, pressure, physical immobility), alteration in skin turgor, and pressure over a bony prominence as evidenced by reddened area on the skin. She writes nursing orders, including an order to observe skin over bony prominences every 4 hours, and then delegates to the UAP the task of turning and repositioning Mrs. Peterson every 2 hours. The nurse also places Mrs. Peterson on a pressure-relief mattress and obtains a foam cushion for her wheelchair.

Critical Thinking Questions

What facts and principles do you already know about the causes of pressure injury?

Do you have enough information to provide interventions for Mrs. Peterson’s actual impaired skin integrity? If not, what do you still need to find out?

What do you know about positioning clients? How would you explain to the UAP how to position Mrs. Peterson “to prevent further pressure on her sacrum”?

What reassessments would you make to evaluate Mrs. Peterson’s skin integrity problem? When evaluating the diagnosis of self-care deficit, what reassessments would you make? Who can or should evaluate the issues identified? How often, or when, would you reassess?

What is one problem not described in the scenario that might arise?


: What are some potential consequences of a pressure injury on Mrs. Peterson’s sacrum?

A: Pressure injuries, also known as pressure ulcers, can have serious consequences for patients like Mrs. Peterson. If left untreated or unmanaged, the pressure injury on her sacrum can progress and deepen, leading to tissue damage and possibly bone infection. In addition to causing pain and discomfort, pressure injuries can also significantly delay the healing process and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it’s important to promptly identify and address pressure injuries to prevent further complications.

Q: How can the nurse ensure that the UAP is providing appropriate care for Mrs. Peterson’s pressure injury?

A: To ensure that the UAP is providing appropriate care for Mrs. Peterson’s pressure injury, the nurse should provide clear and detailed instructions on how to turn and reposition her every 2 hours. The nurse should also demonstrate the correct techniques and provide feedback on the UAP’s performance. Additionally, the nurse should regularly assess the pressure injury and document any changes or improvements, as well as any concerns or issues that arise during the UAP’s care. Finally, the nurse should be available for questions and support, and should follow up regularly with the UAP to ensure that Mrs. Peterson is receiving the best possible care.

Q: What other nursing interventions could be implemented to prevent further skin breakdown in Mrs. Peterson?

A: In addition to turning and repositioning Mrs. Peterson every 2 hours and using a pressure-relief mattress and foam cushion, other nursing interventions that could be implemented to prevent further skin breakdown in Mrs. Peterson include: ensuring that she is ade

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