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Posted: February 18th, 2023

Research the key leaders in the company you have chosen for your final project. Common leaders to consider researching include the CEO, President, Vice President, CFO, and any board members. Based on what you find in your research, do you feel the company leaders are generally more transactional or transformational leaders? Why? Given the current circumstances of your company and the economic environment in which they operate, do you feel the leaders are demonstrating the best leadership form possible? (transactional versus transformational). Why or why not?

Hello Fresh is the chosen company.



HelloFresh is a meal-kit delivery company that operates in more than 14 countries worldwide. Here is the information I was able to gather on its key leaders:

  1. Dominik Richter – CEO and Co-Founder
  2. Thomas Griesel – Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
  3. Nuno Simaria – COO and Acting CFO
  4. Uwe Voss – Chief Financial Officer

In terms of leadership style, it appears that the key leaders of HelloFresh are more transformational than transactional. This is based on the company’s emphasis on innovation, creativity, and a customer-focused approach to its operations. The company’s vision is to change the way people eat and help them lead a healthy lifestyle. This kind of vision is more aligned with a transformational leadership style where leaders aim to inspire and motivate employees to work towards a shared vision.

The company’s emphasis on innovation and customer-centricity is evident in its unique business model, where it delivers fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to customers’ doors. This requires constant innovation and creativity in the development of new recipes and meal plans, as well as a focus on high-quality customer service. This type of approach requires leaders who are willing to take risks, embrace change and encourage their employees to do the same.

Given the current circumstances of the company, which includes the rapid growth of the meal-kit industry and the highly competitive nature of the business, it appears that the company’s leaders are demonstrating an appropriate leadership style. Transformational leadership is a better fit for a company like HelloFresh as it enables the company to remain innovative and responsive to its customers’ needs, as well as its competitors.

In conclusion, HelloFresh’s leaders appear to be more transformational in their leadership style. This style of leadership has enabled the company to remain innovative, customer-centric,

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