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Posted: February 18th, 2023

Discussion 4: Why does Socrates claim ( on pages 42 and on pages 46-47) that what he is doing is highly beneficial to the citizens of Athens? What is his argument (or what are his arguments) for this? What does he assume would be appropriate in exchange for his services? Think back to the material that Hughes and Stone gave us about what had been happening in and around Athens in recent years. How do you think various groups of jurors hearing his arguments would respond to him? Why? 1. Read Plato’s Apology, Biffle pages 32-59, doing the written exercises as you read.



Socrates claims that his philosophical work is highly beneficial to the citizens of Athens because it encourages them to examine their own beliefs and assumptions, and to seek knowledge and truth rather than simply accepting conventional wisdom. He argues that this process of self-examination and critical thinking is essential for personal and societal growth, and that it is ultimately the responsibility of each individual to seek wisdom and understanding.

In particular, Socrates emphasizes the importance of living an examined life, in which individuals are constantly questioning their own beliefs and seeking knowledge. He argues that this approach can lead to greater personal fulfillment and a deeper understanding of the world, and that it can also benefit society as a whole by encouraging individuals to think critically about important issues and to challenge conventional wisdom.

Socrates assumes that his services are worthy of recognition and reward, and he suggests that he should be given free meals and housing in exchange for his philosophical work. He argues that his work is just as valuable as that of other professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, and that he should be compensated accordingly.

In terms of how various groups of jurors might respond to Socrates’ arguments, it is likely that there would be a range of reactions. Some jurors might be sympathetic to his ideas and appreciate the value of critical thinking and self-examination. Others, however, might be more skeptical and view Socrates as a potential threat to the stability and order of Athenian society. Given the political and social tensions of the time, it is possible that some jurors might be more inclined to view Socrates as a troublemaker and a potential threat to the established order. Overall, the response to Socrates’ arguments would likely be

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