MIRED IN PROJECTS|Quick homework help

Posted: February 19th, 2023

Class – Please review the attached “MIRED IN PROJECTS” Case Study and provide your response for the following questions


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MIRED IN PROJECTS|Quick homework help
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  1. Summarize how the organization identified the problems. What techniques did they use, and what steps were taken to address the problems identified?
  2. What was done to recognize the roles that management should play in projects? In what ways did management contribute to the problem?
  3. What other research methods or tools are available to organizational leaders that can tell them about how innovation can impact projects and the organization?

Please write a 500-to-1000 words in APA Style answering all questions.


Summary of how the organization identified the problems:

The organization identified the problems through various techniques. Firstly, they conducted a survey to gauge the extent of project management challenges faced by employees. The survey revealed that projects were frequently delayed, over budget, and failed to meet expectations. Secondly, they analyzed data from the project management system and identified numerous instances of missed deadlines, cost overruns, and quality issues. Thirdly, they held focus group sessions to identify the root causes of project management problems. Finally, they conducted an external benchmarking study to compare their project management practices with those of other organizations.

Steps taken to address the problems identified:

The organization took several steps to address the problems identified. Firstly, they appointed a project management office (PMO) to oversee all projects and ensure that they were aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. Secondly, they implemented a standardized project management methodology that included best practices for planning, executing, and monitoring projects. Thirdly, they provided project management training to employees to improve their skills and competencies. Finally, they established a project management information system to facilitate communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among project teams.

Recognition of management’s role in projects:

The organization recognized that management played a crucial role in projects. Management contributed to the problem by failing to provide clear direction, inadequate communication, and not holding teams accountable for delivering on project goals. To address this, management was trained on the importance of project management and the need for effective leadership in ensuring project success. They were also encouraged to provide regular feedback and support to project teams.

Other research methods/tools available to organizational leaders:

Organizational leaders can use various research methods/tools to understand how innovation can impact projects and the organization. These include:

  1. Surveys – to gather feedback from employees and stakeholders on project management practices and the impact of innovation on projects

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