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Posted: February 20th, 2023

PURPOSE:  As an interdisciplinary field of study, kinesiology uses written forms of communication and involves the application of biological, chemical, physical and mathematical principles to the study of human movement and health.  While much of the writing you will do as an undergraduate asks you to report and interpret experimental findings, some writing skills will ask to reflect on large-scale problems, such as the impact of health issues on our society.

One of the goals/outcomes of this assignment is to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a topic in the field. The goal is to develop a thorough summary of an area/topic of study and an opinion about the findings of the study as well as a practical application in your intended field.

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SKILLS:  Practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course and in your profession.

  • Understanding basic disciplinary knowledge by selecting a relevant topic for your research article
  • Identify tools in the library to assist you with identifying the topic and locating a research article based on the following criteria
    • Human subjects research
    • Relevant topic in Kinesiology
    • Research (Methods, Results, Discussion)
  • Read and review literature in the field and report on the methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.
  • Analyze and synthesize the information obtained from reading/reviewing the research article.
  • Interpret the evidence (textual, visual and graphical forms).
  • Critically evaluate the article by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the study.
  • Apply information you learned from the article to relevant issues you are learning about in class.   

KNOWLEDGE:  This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the current (within five years) content knowledge in this discipline.


  • Find an article of interest on the topic:  Upper Extremity from a scholarly journal and manageable for 2-3 page research critique?  Please make sure it is not a meta-analysis or literature review. 
  • Please review the Student Sample Research Critique here:  STUDENT SAMPLE.docxActions
  • Is your article on the assigned topic? Upper Extremity
  • Read the article thoroughly once to make sure you understand it (or you may have to choose another article)
  • Take notes {annotate}.
  • Review the Grading Rubric
  • Write your research critique
  • Check your critique to make sure you have included all elements of the grading rubric and items listed in criteria for success
  • Have someone proofread your critique and check for any/all spelling errors
  • Submit your critique in Canvas by the deadline for gradingStudent Sample


    Kins 250



    In the introduction of the article “Assessment of Shoulder Proprioception in the Female Softball Athlete” the author covers the subject of what proprioception can be defined as. There was no clear data at the time of this article that covered the relationship between proprioception and injury, so this is what prompted researchers to evaluate proprioception in the shoulder of the throwing athlete. The author states that there are two common methods that you can use to measure shoulder joint proprioception which include threshold to detection of passive movements and joint position sense. Towards the end of the introduction the author states how there is very limited research on female softball players. Further study into potential causes of injury in the female athlete involved in overhand throwing, specifically in softball, is needed. So, the purpose behind this study was to determine whether differences in joint position sense exist between collegiate female softball players versus nonthrowing female athletes during four glenohumeral motions.

    The subjects included one hundred female collegiate athletes. Fifty were from NCAA D1 teams and the other 50 were from two community colleges. Out of the 50 softball players ten were pitchers and the remaining 40 played other positions. The remaining 50 athletes were from soccer and track teams from the same colleges. The instrument that was used to measure ROM and joint position was an inclinometer. The researchers recorded measurements from 10 different angles 3 different times. The test was done in the athletic training room and the athletes dominant and nondominant shoulder’s ROM were both measured. Internal and external rotation measurements were tested while the athlete was supine, so the scapula was stabilized. Flexion and extension were measured while they were standing. After these measurements were taken, they applied a blindfold to the athletes. Target angles for all four movements were calculated. They then would move the athletes arm back to the target angle and leave it there for three seconds. The subject was then told to relax and then bring their arm back to that same exact position as best as they could. Error scores were calculated to describe joint position sense.

    The results they got showed that softball players had much greater external rotation on their dominant shoulder compared to their nondominant shoulder. But it was the exact opposite when it came to internal rotation. Their nondominant shoulder had much more rotation, compared to their dominant shoulder. The non-throwing athletes also had a much greater external rotation in their dominant shoulder compared to their nondominant.

    Overall, this study shows that there is decreased proprioception in asymptomatic female athletes who are involved in sport with the overhead throwing motion, which can predispose them to injuries. In my opinion this article was very informative, not only for softball athletes, but for non-throwing athletes as well. Both softball and non-throwing athletes had much greater external rotation on their dominant shoulder. This was very informative for myself since I am a softball athlete. I believe this research can give softball athletes more information and insight about what is going on with our bodies, shoulders specifically, after playing for so many years. I do feel as if this study should have a follow-up to see if the results are still the same, because this research was published sixteen years ago. A lot has changed with the sport, so I believe there may be different results if this were to be conducted once more.

    Dover, G. C., Kaminski, T. W., Meister, K., Powers, M. E., & Horodyski, M. (2003). Assessment of Shoulder Proprioception in the Female Softball Athlete. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 31(3), 431-437. doi:10.1177/03635465030310031801


To fulfill the requirements of this assignment, one relevant topic in kinesiology that could be explored is the effect of physical activity on mental health. Mental health is a significant issue in society, and it has been demonstrated that regular exercise can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health.

To identify a research article on this topic, the student can use online library databases like PubMed or Google Scholar. To ensure that the study involves human subjects, the student can filter their search by adding keywords like “human study,” “clinical trial,” or “randomized controlled trial.”

Once the student has identified a research article, they should thoroughly read and review the article. The methodology section should be examined to understand how the study was conducted, including how the subjects were selected, what type of physical activity was involved, and how the data was collected. The results section should be examined to understand the findings of the study, while the discussion section should be examined to understand the author’s interpretation of the results and the implications of the findings.

After analyzing and synthesizing the information obtained from the research article, the student should critically evaluate the study by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the student may want to consider the sample size, the selection criteria for the subjects, or the limitations of the data analysis.

Finally, the student should apply the information learned from the article to relevant issues in their field. For example, a student studying physical therapy may consider how they could incorporate physical activity into their treatment plans to improve their patients’ mental health. A student

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