Creating a Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences|Essay helper

Posted: February 20th, 2023

Begin by choosing a topic

  • the civil rights movement in the US
  • a musical group or theatre performance
  • a profession
  • environmental issues
  • animal rights in the US
  • uniforms for students in high school
  • the long-term effects of stress on the body
  • university students and procrastination
  • the effect of book banning
  • technology
  • a scientific discovery


Environmental issues refer to any negative impact caused by human activities on the natural environment. These issues can include climate change, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and depletion of natural resources, among others. Environmental issues can have significant long-term consequences on the health and well-being of ecosystems and human populations.

There are many factors contributing to environmental issues, including industrialization, population growth, overconsumption of resources, and unsustainable agricultural practices. Addressing these issues often requires a multi-disciplinary approach that involves government policies, technological innovation, and changes in individual behavior.

Some of the key environmental issues facing the world today include:

  1. Climate Change: Rising global temperatures and changes in weather patterns due to increased greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.
  2. Air Pollution: Contaminants in the air that can have serious health consequences for people and wildlife.
  3. Water Pollution: Contamination of waterways from chemicals, agricultural runoff, and wastewater that can harm aquatic life and human health.
  4. Deforestation: The removal of trees and other vegetation that results in the loss of habitat for wildlife, contributes to climate change, and reduces the Earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide.
  5. Loss of Biodiversity: The extinction of species due to habitat destruction, pollution, and other human activities that can have far-reaching ecological consequences.

Addressing these environmental issues is critical for ensuring a sustainable future for both human and non-human life on Earth.

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