Learning Activity: Union Membership Growth|Quick homework help

Posted: February 20th, 2023

Learning Activity: Union Membership Growth

With so many recent events relating to employees, select a news story or article (not more than one year old) that focuses on employment and labor relations issues.

  • Explain, in one or two paragraphs, how the information in the selected news story or article could positively or negatively affect future union membership growth.
  • Explain why or how you think the story or article will have the effect you predict.


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One recent news story that could affect union membership growth is the ongoing strike by workers at the Kellogg’s cereal plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. The strike, which began in October 2021, is over proposed changes to the workers’ health care benefits, as well as concerns about job security and working conditions.

This news story could have a positive effect on union membership growth, as it highlights the power of collective bargaining and the benefits of union membership for workers. Seeing the Kellogg’s workers stand up for their rights and fight for better working conditions could inspire other workers to join unions and advocate for their

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