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Posted: February 20th, 2023

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Skills Exploration Journal

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In a journal, complete the following:

  • Choose one skill you excel at and one skill you need to improve from each skills category in the module (broad, technical, and career).
  • In three paragraphs, one for each skill category, reflect on why you excel in the skills you selected and how you plan to improve the skills that you identify as needing improvement.
  • Be sure your explanation includes the professional marketing organizations you visited and the Career Services webpage you reviewed that help you improve your skills.

*excel in broad skills*

*need improving in Technical skills*



Broad Skills: One skill that I excel in is teamwork. I have always enjoyed working with others to achieve a common goal, and I believe that my ability to communicate effectively and listen actively has allowed me to contribute positively to various team projects. I have been able to leverage this skill to build strong relationships with colleagues, which has resulted in successful collaborations. Moving forward, I plan to continue to build upon this skill by seeking out opportunities to lead projects and mentor team members. The Association for Business Communication offers resources on effective team communication, which I plan to explore to improve my ability to lead teams.

Technical Skills: One technical skill that I need to improve upon is data analysis. While I am comfortable with basic data analysis and interpretation, I recognize that I need to develop more advanced skills, such as creating data models and using data visualization tools. To improve this skill, I plan to take online courses and attend workshops offered by the eMarketing Association. Additionally, I will seek out opportunities to work on projects that require more advanced data analysis, such as conducting market research or analyzing customer behavior, to gain practical experience.

Career Skills: One career skill that I excel in is adaptability. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, it is important to be able to quickly adapt to new situations and challenges. I believe that my ability to remain flexible and open to new ideas has allowed me to successfully navigate changes in my role and work environment. Moving forward, I plan to continue to build upon this skill by seeking out new experiences and challenges. The Association for Women in Communications offers networking opportunities and professional development resources that I plan to leverage to expand my skillset and learn from others’ experiences. Additionally, I will continue to seek feedback from colleagues and mentors to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, by exploring the professional marketing organizations and the University of Arizona Global Campus Career Center, I have identified areas for improvement in my technical skills while recognizing my strengths in broad and career skills. I plan to leverage the resources and opportunities provided by these organizations to develop my skills further, including attending online courses, workshops, and networking opportunities. By focusing on improving my skills, I hope to continue to develop my career in the marketing industry and achieve my professional goals.

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