How do guidance and discipline promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of young children|My homework helper

Posted: February 25th, 2023

Through understanding positive relationships and supporting interactions as the foundation of my work with young children (NAEYC Standard 4a), how will I promote effective communication in the classroom?

  • Describe how these supporting interactions are the foundation of the work with young children by describing specific examples of nurturing interactions between adults and children,
  • and/or adults communicating genuine liking for and interest in young children’s activities and characteristics
  • and/or children making personal connections with adults important to them.
  • Also, makes a connection between the child’s development and these adult/child interactions.Example Question 2:  How do guidance and discipline promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of young children?


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    · Include what influences development in  all four domains utilizing  multiple sources (from your textbook and lab examples) to demonstrate current research-based knowledge and including an example from your lab experience of how guidance impacts each at least one of these domains: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development


    While conducting my research I concluded that having High-quality childcare centers that create a positive learning space leaving children to feel secure helps to promote their social and emotional development (Swim, 2016). As well as helping young children recognize their feelings so that they can learn how to express themselves. Another thing I found that influences social development is being a responsive caregiver as well as learning about attachment relationships of the children’s parents.

    As for social development, I found that it’s dependent on the support and guidance that adults and mature peers provide as children attempt new tasks. During my lab observation, I see how guidance helps structure the children as far as leadership, and how the teachers promote motivation to want to learn as well as how patient they are with the students. One example of the leadership comment I mentioned is that each day at The Children’s Center the teachers assign a different child to be the one to open the door whether it be to go on a walk to go to the playground and the child is excited to do so. Guidance and discipline influence cognitive development by teaching children responsibility and by helping them make thoughtful decisions (p. 7, 50).











    Swim, T. J. (2016).  Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers: Caregiving and Responsive Curriculum Development (9th ed.). Cengage Learning US.


Positive relationships and supporting interactions between adults and children can create a sense of security and trust that allows for effective communication in the classroom. When adults communicate a genuine liking for and interest in young children’s activities and characteristics, children feel valued and respected, which can encourage them to express themselves more freely. Adults who actively listen to children and respond to their needs and interests can help children develop their communication skills and confidence.

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