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Posted: February 25th, 2023

Everything you will need to know is attached below. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THROUGH EVERYTHING!

An example is also provided as well.

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Here are 9 sources that I have found down below. If you think this isn’t good enough feel free to find other sources MAKE SURE IT’S 8 SOURECSES and read through what needs to be done. The topic is ” Negative Impacts of Pretty Privilege”

What is ‘pretty privilege’ and how does it affect us? | My Imperfect Life

The ugly truth about ‘pretty privilege – FirstRand

Pretty privilege is real – do you have it? | Glamour UK (

‘I Have Pretty Privilege, But There’s a Dark Side’ (

Pretty privilege is real – The Daily Free Press

Pretty privilege is problematic – Northern Star

The ugly side of ‘pretty privilege’ – The Paisano (

Pretty privilege: the bias that favors the ‘beautiful’ – the Spectrum (

‘Pretty priviledge’ affects students’ social lives – The Campanile

Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Notes:



– Introduction with underlined thesis position

– What do you know (Off the top of your head)?

• Research questions (4-6 major questions you need answers to – to guide your research)

• Research methods (4-6 ways you will research this project)

• Timeline (what you will do from week 8-16/17)

– Why did you select this topic? What is it important? What are your goals?

– Means paragraph

• A bullet point is a section of bulleted answers

Annotated bibliography

-You must have exactly 8 sources (you may have more for your final due at the end of the semester).

Sources are in alphabetical order. Do NOT number your sources. Bibliographic information uses hanging

indents (all lines after the first are indented). Each source will have:

1. Bibliographic information (author’s last names, titles, etc…) and will use hanging indents

2. 3-4 sentence summary

3. 1-2 sentence plan-of-use

You need to vary your sources (have at least 3 different types of sources). You may consider finding

sources for opposition now. This is not a requirement for this project, but it will be a requirement for

your final research paper in this class.

All bibliographic material needs to use hanging indents – all lines after the first are indented. In Word,

highlight the bibliographic information and press CTRL (for a PC) or COMMAND (for a Mac) and the

letter “T” simultaneously. If you are using something outside of Word, Google search how to create

Hanging Indents in that program.

Remember: make sure that you keep ALL of my comments in when you submit your final version via




This article defines “pretty privilege” as the advantages and benefits that attractive people experience simply because of their appearance. The author discusses the concept of beauty standards and how they vary across different cultures and time periods. The article also explores how pretty privilege can impact people’s personal and professional lives, including relationships, job opportunities, and even financial benefits. The author highlights some of the criticisms of pretty privilege, including how it reinforces societal inequalities and disadvantages those who do not conform to mainstream beauty standards.

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