Research in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders|My course tutor

Posted: February 25th, 2023

Research in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) has increased almost exponentially in the past 30 years (Matson & LoVullo, 2009). The most frequently studied disorder in the spectrum is autism and our theoretical understanding and treatment approaches for this condition have changed considerably over this period.

Please review and discuss some of the cultural, historical, and developmental changes in autism theory and research in the last three decades.

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The concept of autism has evolved from a narrow and rigid definition to a broader and more inclusive view: In the past, autism was considered a rare and severe disorder that was characterized by a narrow set of symptoms, such as lack of social interaction, communication deficits, and repetitive behaviors. However, over time, researchers and clinicians have come to recognize that autism is a spectrum disorder that can vary widely in its presentation and severity, and that many people with autism have a range of strengths and abilities in addition to their challenges.

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