brief presentation focusing on the impact of culture on cultural artifacts.|My essay solution

Posted: February 26th, 2023

Due 3/4. As discussed in class, choose a country/culture of your choice, include: fashion, food, medicine, art, dance, music and prepare a brief presentation focusing on the impact of culture on cultural artifacts.

Presentation, *not limited to:

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Project background and description (Country, flag, what colors represent)

What is the spoken language or language(s) in your country?

How do people greet each other?

List 5 cultural traditions? What type of food can be found in your country?

What will be your national sport? What animals can be found in your country?

Name 3 Landmarks your country will be know for? (i.e. Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower)

List 5 laws your country will be known for around the world (gender, education etc)

Application of concepts discussed in this course (processes, moral compass, methodologies, etc.)

Analysis and results



Supplemental materials – Video clips no more than 3 min)

Students are expected to demonstrate the use of concepts from the material given in this class. The presentation is expected to be about 10-12 PowerPoint slides, no more than 15 minutes. Be creative and engage your audience, make it fun and apply concepts used on materials, life experiences, and future goals.  Use videos, photographs, and quotes. Include as many illustrations as possible to make a point and reach all learners. Every slide should be clearly labeled and opened to questions. You can also relate learned topics to a case study, article from a newspaper or a company selected.


Country Comparison – Hofstede Insights

Country comparison Select one or several countries/regions in the menu below to see the values for the 6 dimensions. Go further, discover our cultural survey tool, the Culture Compass™ or join our…

Hofstede Insights

Country Comparison – Hofstede Insights (

Geert Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede on culture

The dimension scores in the Hofstede model of national culture can be downloaded here (

country to compare will be Irak



Today, I would like to discuss the impact of culture on cultural artifacts. Cultural artifacts are objects created by human beings that have cultural significance, such as art, literature, music, and architecture. They are a representation of a culture’s values, beliefs, and traditions, and their creation and interpretation are heavily influenced by the culture in which they are produced. Culture is the set of values, beliefs, customs, and practices that define a group of people. It plays a significant role in shaping the creation and interpretation of cultural artifacts. For example, different cultures have different ideas of beauty, which is reflected in their artistic expressions. The concept of beauty in traditional Japanese art, for instance, is very different from that of traditional Western art. The former is characterized by simplicity, elegance, and minimalism, while the latter is often elaborate, colorful, and detailed.

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