Compare the advantages and disadvantages of internal versus external recruiting|Legit essays

Posted: February 26th, 2023

1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of internal versus external recruiting.

2. Identify and describe the basic methods used by organizations for external recruiting.

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3. What is a realistic job preview? What function does it serve?

4. How would you feel if you thought you deserved to be promoted, but instead the organization hired someone from outside and made that person your boss? What would you do?

5. Which recruiting methods are most likely to attract your attention?

6 What are the general steps in the selection process?

7. What are the most common selection criteria that organizations use when making selection decisions?

8. Can you identify various kinds of jobs where experience is more important than education and where education is more important than experience?

9. Which selection techniques would you feel most confident in using? Why?

10. What kinds of training would organizations prefer to “pay for”—specific skills training or more general management development? Why?

11. How has the “Me Too” Movement changed how organizations deal with sexual harassment training?


Internal Recruiting: Advantages:

  • Higher employee morale and loyalty as employees feel valued and have opportunities for career development
  • Requires less time and resources to find, interview, and screen potential candidates
  • Promotes a culture of learning and development within the organization
  • Internal candidates are already familiar with the organization’s culture, policies, and procedures
  • Disadvantages:
  • May limit the pool of candidates and potentially result in a lack of diversity within the organization
  • May lead to a stagnant workforce with limited fresh perspectives and ideas
  • May cause resentment or conflicts among employees who are passed over for promotions

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