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Posted: February 26th, 2023

For this assignment, students will select a topic of their choice based on what they have learned in the course. Students will research that topic for its connection to human health. Students may pick any topic from the suggested list below or any other topic of their choice that is relevant to course content and outcomes. Students must get approval for their chosen topic from the instructor. Students are encouraged to start work on this assignment early in the session.


Required Formats

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CO 1: Evaluate the levels of structural and functional organization of body systems, their interconnections, and their contribution to overall homeostasis.

CO 2: Describe cells and tissues, their locations, and functions.

CO 3: Explain the basic properties of the integumentary system and its functions.

CO 4: Compare the various components of the skeletal system, as well as their structure, growth, functions and gender-based differences.

CO 5: Describe the various types of joints and articulations of the human body.


  • 8-10 slides

Other Requirements

  • Students must incorporate at least 2 scholarly resources in addition to textbook or lessons


  • Look at the course content and outcomes: Review the course material and outcomes to identify topics that are relevant to what you have learned in the course. This will help you ensure that your assignment aligns with the course objectives. Consider your interests: Choose a topic that you find interesting and engaging. This will help you stay motivated throughout the research and writing process. Consult with your instructor: Consult with your instructor to get their feedback and approval on your chosen topic. They may be able to provide additional guidance or suggest resources to help you with your research.

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