Discuss three different ethical positions or theories that you would apply|My essay solution

Posted: February 26th, 2023

Part 1 Present a summary explanation and/or analysis of the ethical problem(s) or issue(s), presenting the various sides of the conflict, and, if possible, the differing opinions that have been given about it. State clearly what the ethical problem is that you will be dealing with. This section should be neutral and objective. Shorter is better than longer in this section. Do not try to solve the problem or present your opinion(s) in this section.

Part 2 pDiscuss three different ethical positions or theories that you would aply. Also reference any relevant sections of your professional code of ethics; e.g., APA, ACA, etc. Do not present your opinion(s) on the problem or attempt to solve it here.

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Part 3 In this final section, present what you think would be the best solution to the problem, along with your reasons for your solution and why you think your solution is superior to the others that might be given. This is the section in which you should discuss your problem and present your opinion(s). Longer is better than shorter in this section. Say what ethical theory or theories and professional-code sections you are using to arrive at your solution.

This should be a 10 page) paper, excluding cover page, abstract, and references, using APA formatting.


The ethical problem that will be analyzed in this paper is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in decision-making processes. With the increasing use of AI in various fields, including healthcare, criminal justice, finance, and education, concerns have been raised about the potential ethical implications of relying on these algorithms to make important decisions. The issue at the heart of the problem is whether AI can be trusted to make unbiased and fair decisions, or whether its use may result in discrimination or other negative consequences for individuals or groups.

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