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Posted: February 26th, 2023

things that need to be submitted

a annotated biography, a image that depict the topic and one of the option from step 3

1. Research the topic and select five  primary source scientific articles to write about.

  • identify five articles
    • at least three should be primary sources
    • one can be a review
    • one can be a secondary source
    • the secondary source cannot be the same story as any of the primary sources
    • 2. Design an image using photos from different sources OR draw your own to depict what your topic looks like to you.

      3Create a research journal, podcast, video or portfolio to disseminate the information.Annotated Bibliography

      An annotated bibliography is a list of citations for papers relevant to a particular topic accompanied by a bulleted summary (annotation) of each paper. For more information about annotated bibliographies:

      Assignment: Find 3 sources of primary literature that specifically identifies your topic and create an annotated bibliography on those articles. This is an individual assignment. You should begin your search on This is a repository of peer-reviewed primary source articles. You may also use Google Scholar. You may not use reviews or secondary sources. There are examples of these three article types on Blackboard.


      1. APA-style Citation of the article 2. Describe the research question or problem addressed in this paper

      3. Describe the methods

      a. What subjects were used

      b. What experiments were performed

      4. List a minimum of 3 main findings, conclusions, or main points

      a. Include the figure/table from results, if necessary

      5. State the relevance of these conclusions to your study



       Be sure to identify relevant literature. This will assist you in determining your specific research question and formulating the introduction/background information.

       Write more, never less. I have to read and grade this assignment not you; so do not be concerned about the length.

       PARAPHRASE the material. Read the article. Understand the article. Restate the information.

       Include all relevant information listed in the format above.

       You can find more than 3 articles. You may need them later.




       Do not purchase articles. Try to access articles that require payment or subscription using the BSU library services

      o o


       Do NOT write one sentence answers for the sections.





Genetic testing can provide important information about an individual’s risk of developing certain illnesses or diseases, including those that currently have no cure. In some cases, genetic testing can identify specific mutations that increase an individual’s risk for a particular condition, such as Huntington’s disease or certain types of cancer. While there is currently no cure for many of these conditions, genetic testing can still be useful in a number of ways. For example, it can help individuals and their healthcare providers make informed decisions about their health, such as whether to undergo more frequent or intensive screening for certain conditions, or whether to take preventive measures such as lifestyle changes or prophylactic surgery.

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